DDI 2350994 Baby Doll in Diaper Girl Case of 4

DDI 2350994 Baby Doll in Diaper Girl Case of 4
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Dolls with gender with well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races. Articulated, can be bathed and lightly-perfumed. FEATURES: Made in Phytalates-free vinyl. They can be easily washed and bathed. Their arms and legs are securly-fixed. On the models with hair, this has been securely sewn on the inside of the head. Sof and flexible touch. They are slightly-perfumed which makes them smell like a newly-born baby. ADITIONAL INFORMATION: The fact that the dolls have a gender allows children to make an important difference between them, strengthening knowledge of differential facts. They don�t contain batteries or make any sound, therefore the dolls do what the child wants them to. This differentiates them from other dolls that subject the child to a specific play pattern. The variation in available models means that there is always be a particular model for a specific need.