Herbal Concepts HCNS-Charcoal Herbal Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Herbal Concepts HCNS-Charcoal Herbal Neck & Shoulder Wrap
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HCNS: The Neck & Shoulder Wrap provides 100% All Natural Aromatherapy. Each Neck & Shoulder Wrap is filled with 12 healing herbs and the highest quality, natural grains available. The Neck & Shoulder Wrap is designed to cover your neck, shoulders and upper back, while the detailed stitching keeps the herbs evenly distributed throughout the wrap, providing extra luxury and comfort. This wrap will rest comfortably around the neck and shoulders while the natural herbal content contours the curves of your body and helps to relieve stress, tension, cramps and muscle discomfort. Microwave for instant heat therapy or chill for instant cold therapy.