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Monoprice 4103 6.50 inches Kevlar 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers Pair - 60W Nominal- 120W Max.

MSRP: $119.64
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Monoprice brings custom in-wall speakers to new levels of affordability with our line of Monoprice Brand Premium in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. These new high fidelity units deliver the high quality craftsmanship and construction you have come to expect from Monoprice brand products at a fraction of what you would expect to pay for them retail.

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers allow you to expand your listening environment throughout your entire home as well as remove the clutter of giant box speakers giving you back your living space. In either case it is a win-win situation for those who desire high fidelity and those who put emphasis on decor.Kevlar cones are light weight yet extremely rigid providing very precise audio with minimal distortion normally caused by cone flex.

Our kevlar speakers are matched with an equally precise silk membrane dome tweeter made of titanium fiber thread and a high quality crossover network to ensure high fidelity and low distortion. The lower distortion levels allow the speaker to be driven harder and handle higher peak power levels. The main benefit our Kevlar speakers are the clarity and fidelity at which they produce audio. Light rigid, well balanced, Yellow Woven Kevlar Cone Woofers for distortion free reproduction. Oversized Magnets for more impactful bass. Precision Titanium Silk Membrane Dome Tweeters for sweeter highs and pure sonic clarity.

Pivoting tweeters allow you to point the acoustics to the prime listening position for a more accurate and immersive sonic experience. Adjustable Crossover switch allows you to match the speakers to the sonic characteristics of your listening environment and the location in which you place them. 60W Nominal and 120W Maximum Power Capacity ensure that these drivers would not be overdriven or easily blown out. 8 Ohms Standard Impedance ensure they can be safely driven by even the most modest home theater receivers.

  • Impedance - 8 Ohms
  • Frequency Response - 55 Hz - 20,000 Hz
  • Power Handling Capacity - 60 Watts Nominal, 120 Maximum
  • Woofer - 6.5 in Kevlar Woven Cone Woofer w 16.5oz Magnet and rubber surrounds.
  • Tweeter - 0.75 in Titanium Silk Membrane Dome Pivoting 20 Swivel
  • Voice Coil - 35 Phi K.S.V
  • Sensitivity - 89 plus, minus 2db 1.0M and 2.83V
  • Crossover - 12dB per Octave with minus 3, minus 6dB Switch
  • Dimension - 11.1 x 8.4 x 10.4 in
  • Item weight - 8.7 lb
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
MPN 4103
Color Yellow
Size 11.1 x 8.4 x 10.4 in